A PerSé' handbag may have spent the last 60 years stored away in a well traveled trunk next to a woman's diary or nestled against her favorite mink stole.

PerSé handbags are hidden jewels that appear at estate sales, auction houses, and antique shops from Italy to San Francisco and everywhere in between. When choosing a vintage handbag, the shape or architecture is the first draw.

Every PerSé handbag is chosen with an eye for quality, style and authenticity. Many of the handbags look to have never been carried at all. Ladies in waiting... ready to hit the streets!


All bags are structurally sound and ready to be carried and admired. Many of our bags are either one of a kind or very rare hard to find designs and makers.  

PerSé handbags have been used in movies, purchased and carried by Hollywood stars, stylists, art directors and by beautiful women everywhere.

We won’t kiss and tell but, Vinnie's cousin owns one as does a Hocus Pocus witch, a Bridesmaid with a hot undercarriage and at least two very famous pop stars.